Sean McDevitt

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I spent it with my family, my brother’s family, and my parents. We didn’t do it last year, so this year’s get-together was all the more special. We overate, watched a little football, and generally enjoyed each other’s company.

As the year winds down, we generally celebrate…

Recently, my wife and I discussed technology and not being in the moment. I was asked how long I could go without my internet-connected phone or computer? Am I addicted to social media, constant updates, and instant validation?

I was told I’m short, angrier, and distracted. It made me question…

Always read the classics.

I read both Dune and the Foundation trilogy in college, and they were old works even then.

Both Foundation and Dune translated for cinemas and prestige television are visually impressive, and the stories, for the most part, work quite well. …

It’s a long day living in Reseda.

I got sucked into watching Mr. Corman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new show streaming on AppleTV. I think it’s one of the best swings and misses I’ve ever seen. The pilot is great, and it’s easy to see why AppleTV wanted to turn it into a series. The problem is the vision…

Sean McDevitt

Editor of The Multiverse and The Weekly Click, he’s an author, copywriter, freelance writer, and scrambled eggs maker living and working in Champaign, Illinois.

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