A Bridge Too Far

34? In a row?

4 min readMay 31, 2024


Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, was found guilty of all 34 felony counts during his New York trial. This is the first of several criminal proceedings to reach a conclusion, and it’s almost certain to be the only one before the November election. The jury had been out only a few days, but it was still an extremely suspenseful situation.

In a world of strong partisanship, from the Supreme Court to brothers in the same family, it was not a foregone conclusion that Trump would be found guilty. My wife and I debated about what might happen if, ultimately, it was a hung jury. Trump surely would call it an acquittal even though that would have been incorrect. He would have said he beat the corrupt Biden administration, and he’ll do it again in November. Luckily, what we have instead are front pages of newspapers across the globe with GUILTY or variations thereof across the front.

There was uncertainty among the pundits over what the jury’s decision was going to be following the closing arguments. No one really knew what was going to happen. I certainly hoped they would find him guilty, but I wasn’t so sure. I mean, of course, he committed the crimes he is accused of committing. His open and blatant criminality is evident in practically everything he touches. Still, a guilty verdict wasn’t a given. There was a non-zero chance of the jury being unable to come to a verdict or, worse, voting to acquit Trump simply because he was Trump.

Like many people who followed the trial, I felt a sense of relief after the guilty verdict came down. However, I think everyone who understands the legal ramifications understands that this isn’t over. In many ways, it’s just the beginning. The guilty verdict, although significant and welcomed, is not definitive or final.

There’s also the question of sentencing in July, just days before the Republican National Convention. Questions remain regarding the severity of the punishment and whether Trump is going to prison. Who knows what Judge Merchan will do? I think Trump is likely not going to get jail time and instead be confined to his home in Florida, but what do I know?

What I really want to do is just sit and luxuriate in “Convicted Felon Donald Trump,” but I know it’s just the start of months of real worry. How will Trump’s campaign and Trump respond? How will the Republican Party, which prides itself on being the party of law and order, respond to this? How will Democrats take advantage of this event or fail to do so? The answers to these questions and the question of whether this verdict will put an end to Trump’s political career remain unanswered.

Many people will still support him despite the overwhelming evidence that he is guilty of criminal corruption. Those people cannot be turned. They’re in the Trump cult and they can only be defeated at the ballot box.

Trump stood in front of the cameras as soon as he was released from the courtroom and repeated the same lie that he repeats each time he loses. “It was rigged.” Trump’s inability to deal with reality is never going to change. In every instance, he uses the same tired argument. He continues to live in a bubble of Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts.”

Trump is unable to show remorse because doing so would show weakness. In his world, if he doesn’t admit defeat, he will always be able to say he won.

However, this strategy has stopped working. He keeps losing.

Here’s the tally since he hit the “inside straight” to win the presidency in 2016. He lost:

  • The 2018 Midterms
  • The 2020 Presidential election
  • The 2020 Senate race
  • The 2022 Midterms
  • The 2022 Trump Organization Fraud Case
  • The 2023 and 2024 E. Jean Carroll Lawsuits
  • The 2023/2024 New York State Fraud Lawsuit

Plus, the other indictments that are on the way are virtual slam-dunks against him, especially if he continues his losing ways and Biden wins reelection in November.

With this felony conviction, I think there are enough Americans voting on the 5th of November or earlier to ensure that Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump. When the population actually starts paying attention, I think voting for a felon will be a bridge too far. Sure, there are those who won’t care and who love him because of his corruption, racism, banality, and loathsomeness. However, I don’t think there are enough of the cultists out there for him to win.

The bottom line is Donald Trump is a convicted felon awaiting sentencing. He will appeal, but there doesn’t seem to be many grounds for appeal. He’s going to be a loser. Again.

Of course, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m sure this year’s election will be just as much of a nail-biter as last time. But for now, I’ll try to put it aside and just enjoy the relief of a guilty verdict.

Still, I can’t wait for November.



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