The Miracle of Flight

Aviation has always been a part of Jon Gruber.

Sean McDevitt
7 min readOct 3, 2022


Words Sean McDevitt | Photos Rory Schweighart

It’s easy to see the connection. From building balsa planes with his father to commercial airline pilot to building a full-size plane at his local hangar, Jonathan Gruber has always loved flying. Even better he turned his dreams of flying into his career and his hobby.

The dream of flying runs strong with specific individuals. When given a choice between ground-based endeavors or wandering with the clouds, the sky always wins for these certain few. For Jonathan Gruber, he turned his dream intoreality.

Aviation is his world.

The miracle of flight has come full circle: from building balsa planes as a kid with his father to today building a full-scale racing plane at his hangar.


Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Gruber remembers always looking up at the sky and seeing airplanes. When he was 12 years old, he spent time building model airplanes. He’d spend hours pulling…



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