Watch Jon Stewart’s epic takedown of Second Amendment absolutist Rep. Nathan Dahm

Nothing is going to change

Sean McDevitt
2 min readMar 5


Is it epic? Well, yes. Sort of. Stewart does what most Americans want done to our politicians and leaders who have stupid ideas-call them out on it. Hey, look at all of this hypocrisy.

The thing is, nothing is going to change because of this viral video.

The people who seek to regulate the freedoms of drag queens don’t care about hypocrisy, much less the opinions of liberals who take great satisfaction in seeing it “exposed.” Hypocrisy is rooted in liberal values — fairness, equality and everyone playing by the same rules. Are we supposed to believe people who are OK with mass child death care about fairness? Are we supposed to believe exposing unfairness will change things?

It will not.

What they say when they see drag queens read stories to kids in public libraries around the country is a threat to children. They say they attempt to “sexualize” them, even “groom” them. It’s because they have no concept of art. What they say they see when they see drag queens and LGBT-plus people is the same thing. It’s not.

Of course, it doesn’t matter to them. You can’t explain the difference. They don’t want to see it. Not only are drag queens and LGBT-plus people the same thing from their myopic point of view, they are also equally bad. Drag queens “sexualize” children. LGBT-plus people do, too. Together, these factors ask us to ask another question, which is: what is good?

In their eyes, drag queens and LGBT-plus people are not good. So, they are bad. None of this is true. They only want what they consider normal sexualization, meaning heterosexuality. Anything not hetero is bad. They believe the government should enforce the “normal sexualization” and outlaw the not normal. They don’t want people to be who they want to be. They want them to be “normal” in their eyes and if they refuse, they should be rounded up and sent away to “save the children.”

They don’t care about kids being killed by guns because they think drag queens are worse. How stupid do they think we are?



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