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Winning Time

Angelina Provetti tells the story of Trinity Racing, her father Ernie, and Horizon Hobby.

Sean McDevitt
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In June 2023, Horizon Hobby acquired Trinity Racing. While the radio control community was surprised by this turn of events, one person knew exactly what she was doing and knew it was exactly what her father wanted.

Angelina Provetti, daughter of Trinity Racing co-founder Ernie Provetti, had taken over running the company after her father passed away. Since her father’s passing, she was preparing the company for her father’s final wishes-to be sold to Horizon Hobby and keep the Trinity Racing name alive.

“You can’t get any better than that.”

Founded in 1980 by Provetti and Anthony (“Tony P.”) Przybylowicz in Brooklyn, NY, Trinity specializes in creating world-class brushless motors, battery technology, and accessories for RC racers who demand the absolute best in performance.

Provetti said, “My Dad started in slot cars, and there was a track near his house in Brooklyn, and he got really into that and was so obsessed with it. His goal was to win the nationals of slot cars. He ended up doing that, and the day he did that, he quit because he said, ‘You can’t get any better than that.’”

His Trinity co-founder, Tony P., was a slot car legend himself. Tony had a race team in slot cars and built chassis for people. It was Tony P. who got Ernie Provetti into racing, and they became fast friends.

After dominating slot car racing, the duo decided to make a mark in radio control, and Trinity Racing was born.

“My Dad was very much into sports and obviously racing,” said Provetti. “He was mostly into F1. Once he saw those machines firsthand, he wanted Trinity to be run like a high-performance race team. He wanted to have this good reputation and be a well-oiled machine. He just took that concept and ran with it, making him and Trinity look different.”



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